What is art? Well, in our humble opinion, at the very least art consists of fashion, design, film & photography. And much more...

We offer a monthly changing exhibition from an artist that we select especially for you in A’DAM&Co. Be sure to drop by & prepare to be amazed!

“Modern art makes me want to rock out” ― Art Brut

Enjoy art and meet some people

With monthly exhibitions and various art related events, we aim to engage & stimulate the sharing of knowledge, music, art & friendship. Have a look at what has been and, more importantly, what is to come:

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With social events & an inspiring event calendar, A’DAM&Co. engages & stimulates on a weekly basis. Meet up with other creative professionals or friends at on one of the most exciting places of Amsterdam, while enjoying a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner. Join our community for just 50 euros per year and become a part of the creative heart of Amsterdam. We’ll see you soon!