A'DAM in Concert | Remy van Kesteren

On the 23rd and 24th of August, Remy van Kesteren will perform at A’DAM&Co. Remy grew into an established name in record time on all classical concert stages, but he still chose a new course. His love for the classical repertoire remains a favourite starting point for Remy van Kesteren, but inspired by pop festivals and live concerts in clubs he visited in his spare time, the harpist also decides to make pop music. This brought him his first album ‘Shadows’ in 2019 produced by British producer, songwriter and DJ Fink. This was followed by various own releases, including the ‘Home Studio Sessions’ with a number of covers from Radiohead and Rosalía, among others.

Contemporary, challenging and adventurous is the journey that Remy has mapped out for himself and his audience. Influences from pop, rock, post-minimal and jazz can be found in Remy’s exciting music. He rarely avoids risks. During his album release show at the A’DAM&Co. his brand-new album ‘Muses’ will be in the spotlight. Named after the nine inspired Muses of ancient Greek mythology, Remy’s explores musical inspirations through composers who have greatly influenced his musical journey such as Kendrick Lamar, Thom Yorke and Aphex Twin.


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