Expo opening | Noëlle van Dijk

In the midst of our daily lives, where the practical demands of adulthood often overshadow our ability to dream freely, AI has the potential to unlock the gates of our imagination. Through this project, Noëlle aims to rekindle the spirit of boundless possibility, enabling people to envision the seemingly impossible within the inspiring setting of Amsterdam.

As she navigates the fine line between dreams and reality, Noëlle invites you to join her on this adventure, immersing yourself in the fusion of art and technology. Explore the boundless horizons and endless possibilities within Amsterdam’s captivating streets.

Noëlle van Dijk (32) is an Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary artist specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Her AI-project ‘Imagine the Unimaginable’ has gained immense popularity online, earning her widespread recognition. She collaborates with the Dutch government, utilizing AI, to visualize future scenarios, and also serves as a jury member for an annual art academy competition, with this year’s theme centered around AI and open to 600 Dutch and Belgian students. In her career, Noëlle has worked with various commercial clients, including Micha Models, Anna + Nina and Vondels Amsterdam. As part of Team Tony’s Chocolonely, she contributed to winning six ACDN awards, including the esteemed Grand Prix for their Sweet Solution Campaign.

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