Life Dreamers invites: Wesley Texel (Dj Waxfiend)

Life Dreamers is a weekly podcast show that inspires you to make your dreams a reality. The podcast wants to show people that everything you dream of can become a reality. “Turning dreams into reality” is therefore central.

DJ WaxFiend, or Wesley Texel, is one of the top Dutch HipHop / Dancehall DJs. What started as a hobby of a HipHop fanatic who used to make his own mixtapes from radio shows, grew into a career that kicked him to international stages. WaxFiend has played at major festivals such as Dancevalley and Lowlands, participated in events for Nike, for example, and produced award-winning mixtapes with artists such as Kempi, Ronnie Flex and The Opposites. His first love was HipHop and as he explored the roots of this genre, his interest in Soul, R&B, and House grew and he fell in love with Reggae and Dancehall. His own event Jamrock grew in 15 years into Europe’s largest Dancehall/Reggae party, giving space to a subculture to grow, develop and generate new talent. As a co-founder of Encore, he is also responsible for the biggest weekly club night in Amsterdam.

The podcast is hosted by young talent Benjamin Conteh who works at ID&T.

17:30 Walk-in
18:00 Podcast
19:00 Food + Drinks
23:00 End

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