Marijn Abel - Gender conversation

Marijn Abel, chosen as one of Vogue’s Voices of Change, is coming to A’DAM&Co. With his transformative workshop ‘Gender Conversation’.

It’s a hot debate currently; Gender.

What does it exactly mean, and how does it apply to you?

As a trans man, Marijn Abel has always been concerned with his clothing and how the world perceives him in it. It wasn’t until he fully found himself and became comfortable with his gender that he began to feel the freedom to wear the clothing he truly wanted to wear. Out with his “comfort blankets,” and in with his gender joy.

In the Gender Conversation workshop, you will engage in a creative conversation. Using old clothing, we will create unique and authentic new items. While Marijn assists you in making your new statement piece, we will delve into the conversation about Gender Individuality.

Who are you? How do you express yourself? Which individuals in your life have influenced you, and how do you reflect on it? In this session we’ll discover together how you can truly express yourself now.

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