EP Release Ruskey

After releasing a number of singles, multi-instrumentalist and producer

Ruskey (21) will release his first EP ‘Baby Boy’ on September 1st 2022. Ruskey: “In

the Dutch city where I was born and in a place that is cosmopolitan I mark

the start of a new chapter.”

His debut consists of eight tracks with guest appearances from Mael and Nate, among others.

The title of the mini album is a reference to the 2001 film Baby Boy. One of his

favorite films in which main character Jody, like Ruskey, searches for himself and love.

“This project feels like my first child, the first time I try a product of my own

world give, my “Baby Boy”. With this EP I want to introduce people to a part

who I am as an artist.”

The Amsterdammer is a versatile artist. He is a musician, producer, rapper, songwriter and

singer. Despite not being born yet, the 90s and 2000s R&B have a definite

left mark on Ruskey as an artist. With its own style, but clearly under

this influence Ruskey sings and raps accompanied by minimalist, productions in a

slow and mid-tempo register.


20:00-21:00 Walk-in

21:00-21:45 Listening session / interview

21:45-23:00 Ozai (Live set)

23:00-00:00 Lamsi (Live set)

00:00-01:00 Ruskey (Live set)

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