City Park is the sound of European capitals by night. The ‘fuzzy R&B’ band based in Amsterdam deliver a minimalist yet infectious, warm sound. A lush fusion of soulful melodies and indie grooves, their songs have amassed a steady following in cities like Paris, Copenhagen, Brussels and Barcelona. Inspired by the idea of an art exhibition, their new string of releases will each be paired with bespoke physical art pieces by artists, photographers, illustrators, and makers. Past releases have featured collaborations with Seoul-based illustrator Jiye Kim and Parisian Noémie Cedille.

Sonically taking cues from 80s disco and modern indie, the energy of city parks with quiet corners amidst the hustle and bustle form the red thread in everything the band puts out. With signature falsetto vocals, chorused guitar runs and sparse production, City Park is gearing up for what might be their most exciting year yet, both in the studio and on stage.

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