Album Release | DOWORK & the Goldenboys & Wavey Dayz

Album Release | DOWORK & the Goldenboys & Wavey Dayz

It’s summer and the sun is out! Get ready to vibe to chill beats at “Wavey Dayz,” brought to you by DOWORK & The Goldenboys.

This dope hip-hop album is all about those jazzy harmonies and soulful horns, grooving’beats that’ll have your head bouncing non-stop.

Save the date, and join us at A’DAM&Co. for this epic album release party.


A project started because of his love for hip-hop and taking inspiration from artists as DJ Premier, The Alchemist and Dilla, DOWORK is an artist from Utrecht. With 4 albums and 50+ releases on labels: Bluewerks (Bluenote x Astralwerks), PLYGRND, Chill Select, Vinyl Digital, Loudkult, Mutombo and Avairy Bridge. Top that with over 10 million streams on Spotify; his signature blended sounds of jazz / soul with hardware synths and playful beats, promisses an unforgettable music experience.

The GoldenBoys 

What started 10 years ago as a spontaneous jam in one of their mothers’ gardens at a birthday party has evolved into a sought-after horn section.

Whilst exploring the possibilities of the sound of smooth brass drenched in laid back hip hop grooves, the duo create songs inspired by their love for soul and jazz. They are first and foremost known for their live work with Chef’Special, the well known Dutch pop band, with whom they have been on the road with for over 6 years. With this event, the Goldenboys release their own work, a wavy album built on beats and grooves showcasing their soulful horns.

DJs between the live sets:

Lucas Benjamin

Lucas Benjamin is an Amsterdam-based DJ and true musicologist.

He’s part of the infamous Ghetto Funk Collective, started his own record label in 2017 called Wicked Wax, co-founded a music platform during Covid named Steppin’ Into Tomorrow, and organized plenty of club nights, live concerts, documentary screenings & lectures. In short, a person living music in its totality.


Bertholet started making beats at 15 years old inspired by 9th wonder, Hi-Tek, Kanye West & J Dilla. He uses his love for soulful sample beats for a unique approach to lo-fi music. His DJ sets take you on a sonic journey through time.

Dj Skivvy

Deel van de Spinnin’ DJ crew sinds 2006 (Spinnin’ is a crew of DJ’s and promotors that throw parties virtually anywhere they can. We specialize in everything with a hiphop backbone. Expect hiphop, funk, bass & beyond..).

After years of absence, he will perform his records especially for this occasion. Expect 90’s hip-hop and the original records the samples come from.

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