Free Your Mind Through Freewriting

*This event is held in English*

A Creative Writing Workshop (Pen and Paper Edition)

Duration: 75-90 min

Join Ilaria Mangiardi, Senior Global Creative Copywriter at MassiveMusic, for a creative writing workshop (pen and paper edition). Tap into your inner self, write about your emotions and discover new perspectives through the freewriting technique.

Freewriting can serve as a great tool to help creativity flow. Through freewriting, you can find out how you truly feel about a specific topic, often having epiphanies and changes of perspective. It reveals your shortcomings and inner desires, it broadens your horizons and helps you understand yourself and the world around you. Studies have shown that, among its benefits, freewriting helps build self-confidence and gain clarity. It also boosts your immune system while offering a blank slate for 100% honesty.


– What is freewriting and how to use it

– 3 creative writing exercises

– Q&A and sharing moment (optional)

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