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30 Jaar Dutch Dance (Part 1)

  • A'DAM&Co. Overhoeksplein Amsterdam, NH, 1031 Netherlands (map)

‘House is more than just music, house is a feeling, a phenomenon!’ When house swept the Amsterdam dance floors thirty years ago, during the second Summer of Love, shit truly hit the fan. Clubs like RoXY & iT were the first to embrace the brand new music style. But then illegal warehouse raves started mushrooming as well. It didn’t take long, or the entire town was gripped by the relentless acid house beats. Then electronic music exploded & conquered the entire nation, and in the end the entire world. How the Netherlands became a leading country in the field of DJs and events, can be seen in VPRO’s wonderful three-part documentary, this night we'll show the first part of ’30 Years of Dutch Dance.’ Director Sacha Vermeulen & DJ Dano will be there to answer all your questions & they'll supply you with some cool anecdotes!