Cloakroom policy

When using the cloakroom, our house rules apply to you. A’DAM&Co. does not accept any liability for loss or damage to items left in the cloakroom. At events, we may implement cloakroom charges of €‎2,50. Read our full cloackroom policy below.

  • A’DAM&Co. part of A’DAM Six Senses B.V. wants no agreement of custody as described in Titel 9 of Boek 7 Burgerlijk Wetboek concerning cloakroom objects (including their contents) with a (total) value of more than € 150, -. Cloakroom objects (including their contents) with a (total) value of more than € 150, – cannot be issued at the cloakroom. If one uses the cloakroom, he or she must ensure that the value of issued objects does not exceed € 150, – and he or she will not keep A’DAM Six Senses B.V. accountable for loss or damage exceeding an amount of € 150, – 
  •  A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. accepts no liability for damage or loss of items that are kept in sleeves, such as scarves, sweaters and other garments. 
  • A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. is entitled to check the contents of the wardrobe objects.
  • A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. reserves the right to refuse the issue of certain objects, including objects that, from the sole opinion of A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. or cloakroom assistants, are too valuable, too big in size, (possibly) dangerous or questionable content.
  •  The user issuing an object does not hold A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. liable for damage caused by (the content of) the issued object. 
  •  Per issued cloakroom object, one token/ticket will be provided. Cloakroom objects shall only be returned once the token/ticket is handed over to a cloakroom assistant. The same applies to the temporary return of cloakroom objects. 
  •  If you lose your token/ticket, A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. shall make an effort to find the designated cloakroom item after the event or past closing time. If no token/ticket can be presented, A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. shall not compensate for the damage inflicted by loss of the token/ticket. 
  • A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. is not liable for damage to (the content of) the object issued by the user, as a consequence of damage or loss of objects, nor damage from any cause whatsoever to objects, excluding damage caused by intent or recklessness A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. or its employees.
  • The user indemnifies A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V.’s liability for damage caused (by the content of) the user’s issued cloakroom objects. 
  •  The liability of A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. is limited at all times to € 150 for each article issued in the cloakroom (including its contents) up to a maximum of € 250, – per person in total. A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. is not liable for damage other than damage to, or in connection with, the disappearance of an object itself. Compensation for damage will always be in accordance with the current market value of the object(s). 
  •  Liability for any form of indirect damage, including operational and/or consequential damages, lost profits or wages, missed savings, etcetera, is excluded. In the following situations, compensation does not apply: (i) any damage inflicted by the user or his associates caused intentionally or by gross negligence, and (ii) damages in relation to (potentially) present items within the cloakroom objects, such as tablets, laptops, cell phones, money or other valuables.
  •  The liability of A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. only applies to the user who accepted the ticket/token at the time of delivering the cloakroom items, and cannot be transferred to a third party. 
  •  The user is obliged to pick up objects delivered at the cloakroom prior to leaving the location where the event is held. If he or she fails to retrieve the object(s), A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. reserves the right to not reimburse them. A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. liability will cease if the cloakroom items are not collected before the cloakroom closes or in any event before the time when surveillance ceases at the cloakroom. 
  •  Any complaints must be made immediately to the cloakroom staff when the cloakroom items are returned. 
  • Claims for compensations, together with a mention of the number on/of the cloakroom ticket/token, must be lodged with A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. within 48 hours of the return of the items handed over for safekeeping. Written notification of the loss or damage is sufficient. If loss or damage is caused by fire or theft or by the mislaying of the item, this must also be reported to the police. 
  •  Persons who suffer loss or damage must prove that the items for which they are claiming compensation have been damaged as a consequence of an occurrence for which A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. is liable. They must also prove that the amount claimed by them is correct. 
  •  When a person who has reported lost an item handed over to A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. for safekeeping subsequently finds the item or is informed that it has been found, he/she must immediately notify A’DAM Six Senses and where possible, at the request of A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V., take the necessary steps, in particular by contacting the police, to identify and recover possession of the item or to assign his/her rights for this to A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V.
  • If the person who has handed over the item for safekeeping fails to fulfill his/her obligations after the occurrence of the loss or damage, A’DAM&Co./A’DAM Six Senses B.V. is exempted from the obligation to reimburse.

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Cloakroom policy

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