A'DAM in Concert | Fernando Oliveira

A'DAM in Concert | Fernando Oliveira

“Wave” by Fernando Oliveira is a vibrant celebration of Bossa Nova and Brazilian popular music, promising an unforgettable summer evening filled with rhythm, dance, and joy. This concert features timeless classics from legendary composers like Tom Jobim and João Gilberto, the master of Bossa Nova, whose music has transcended generations and borders.

The repertoire also includes lively, danceable Brazilian tunes and original compositions that showcase the rich diversity of Brazilian music. Blending elements of jazz, soul, and the infectious beats of samba, “Wave” captures the essence of Brazil’s musical landscape, inviting the audience to not only listen but to feel and move to the rhythms.


Fernando Oliveira: Guitar and Vocals
Raf Martinez: Bass
Felipe Duarte: Drums/Percussion
Michiel Brinkmann: Piano