Disco Vernissage

Disco Vernissage

Disco Vernissage is a new event created by the Owner and Founder of The Gallery Club, Robi Reisinger and Culture Consultant, Maxine Penney.

Robi Reisinger represents photographers worldwide and has organized and curated events in Miami, Chicago, LA, Antwerp, and Amsterdam. He is a DJ/Producer & Video Artist who’s played globally.

Maxine Penney is a Culture Consultant who has worked with production agencies, creatives, creative agencies and brands over the last 16 years in Amsterdam. She is currently producing a monthly podcast series ‘A New Voice in Music’ and hosts Comedy Quiz Amsterdam for companies looking to bring their teams together through joy and inclusion!

Together they joined forces as Goddess of Queens, a DJ duo collective who have built a platform which focuses on music and education to bring people together.

We would love to invite you to experience the opening of an exclusive inclusive event called Disco Vernissage; where photography is being exhibited with art and music.