EP Release | Malvae

EP Release | Malvae

Born in the Netherlands, raised in New Zealand, Malvae, Aka Jim van der Breggen, is a musical innovator who crafts his avant-garde electronic sound from a captivating mix of natural field recordings, synthesis, and his own voice. His journey began in 2017 with the release of ‘Haunts Me,’ a track that swiftly ascended the viral 50 charts in the USA, establishing Malvae as an artist to watch.

Malvae’s current work explores the fusion of field recordings and analogue synthesizers. His new Chrysalis EP, exemplifies this evolution, offering an enigmatic musical voyage that blurs the lines between the natural world and electronic realms. He weaves together robust rhythmic textures and emotional soundscapes, all amplified by visuals that encapsulate this powerful contrast. He is set to unveil his Chrysalis EP through a dynamic live set during the release party on the 27th of June, hosted in the renowned Adam Tower, Amsterdam (A’DAM&Co.). The EP itself will be released at midnight, and fans will also be able to purchase the EP on Vinyl during the event.


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For his debut album ‘Amazonas’ Malvae ventured deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, crossing 2000 km and 5 countries by river through this vast space. He captured the raw beauty of the wilderness, turning its sounds into a rainforest symphony.