Ten years ago, INI Movement started a beautiful journey of spreading positivity through art and music. Since then, the label has put out over 60 releases by over 60 artists from all over the globe and hosted numerous parties and stages at festivals. From hip hop and R&B to broken beat and house, as long as it is music from the soul, it can find its home at INI Movement.

On this night, INI Movement takes you on a voyage through their broad musical universe. Music to vibe to, music to make love to, music to dance to. See you on the dance floor, lovers.

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A’DAM&Co. is het creatieve hart van Amsterdam. Muzikanten, filmmakers, designers of marketinggoeroes; zolang er een goede dosis creativiteit door je bloed stroomt ben je van harte welkom op de 18e verdieping van de A’DAM Toren. Voor 120 euro per jaar ben je al een member en geniet je van de vele voordelen van onze community.