A'DAM&Co. brings creatives together

Just like in Fight Club, we only have one rule: don’t let your ego get the best of you. We have beautiful coat hooks at the front door where we can all leave the petulant child inside of us. That said: everyone is welcome at A’DAM&Co., as long as you have some creative blood in your veins. From visual artists to accountants that know how the be creative with numbers. Meet, relax and be a part of all the events while enjoying a good breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening drinks with good company and an even better view.

A biblical centrepiece…

The unique design of A’DAM&Co. comes straight from the drawing board of the Amsterdam design agency Tank. The name A’DAM ignited the inspiration for a Tree of Life, like the one Adam & Eve found in the Garden of Eden, as the club’s centrepiece. This abstract tree unites members at the big, oval bar with copper tints. Members can meet up so new fruitful collaborations can grow freely. The tree branches out in small intimate nooks and the wooden frame has a warm & open character while connecting each element – just like the creatives at A’DAM&Co. Want to have a look for yourself?

An immersive space without corners

A rounded space without corners promotes cosy camaraderie & shared creativity. A room that is inclusive & warm while at the same time feels exclusive and spectacular. Whether you want to talk business or just want to relax & hide from the hurly-burly with your favourite drink. Or two. Want to join us for a drink?

Enjoy the A'DAM&Co. vibe at home

To maintain the Towers special vibe when you’re at home, creative music agency MassiveMusic, led by Hans Brouwer (and one of the owners of the A’DAM Tower), has put together various Spotify-playlists that perfectly capture the feeling of this special place. Curious? You can find all playlists here.

Food for thought

You can’t work properly on an empty stomach. Or at least, we can’t. That’s why we offer coffee during caffeine o’clock, salads, soups & sandwiches for lunch, delicious dishes during dinner, and finger food all day long.

National partners

Also within our national borders, we have a variety of partnerships. Below you can find an overview of them. For more information about our partnerships please contact us.

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Become a member

Music & creativity resonate through the club like a bassline. With social events & an ever-changing and awe-inspiring event calendar, A’DAM&Co. engages & stimulates on a weekly basis. Join our creative community to become a part of the epicentre for the Amsterdam creative mind.