About A'DAM&Co.

A’DAM&Co. is a members club for creatives. Uniquely located on the 18th floor, it is the beating creative heart of the A’DAM Tower. With above us a restaurant, below us the mesmerising Loft, a nightclub in the basement and the most spectacular views of the city we could be your new favourite living room.

What characterises us? An easy-going vibe, an eye for creative quality and a constant search for (co-)creation.

We’re more than you would expect from a members club. We are a community. Creative people creating together is what drives us. Connecting people is in our DNA. Seasoned musicians, lost artists, praised architects or undiscovered (for now) designers; everybody is welcome within our walls, as long as your creative heart is in the right place.

Are you looking for a place to work, get inspired and grow your network? Our A’DAM&Co. community will welcome you with open arms.

See you soon.

Team A’DAM&Co.

(contribution: 120 euros per year)

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About A'DAM&Co.

Connecting creatives

Connecting people is what we do.

During the day we are opened from 10:00 – 18:00, exclusively for people from our community. Lunch, laptop, coffee, a meeting, it’s whatever you want.

On top of that we organise a range of diverse creative events every week. This connects the community and inspires our members. Dinners, talks, live-music nights, and/or our weekly Aperitivo 18 on Fridays.

Some events are exclusive for members, other events are open to everybody that wants to discover our space. For example, during a music performance, art exhibition or poetry night.

In the end, it’s all about creative inspiration, new connections and valuable insights.

Connecting creatives

Our Events

Our Events

The events we organise are diverse. A small selection of our recurring favourites:

  • Xander’s Vrienden. Xander Vrienten, bassist, brings a selection of befriended all-star musicians to the stage
  • Higher Life Jam. Junior Appiah, drummer, organises jam sessions that celebrate everything that makes acrobat, funk, jazz and soul so unique.
  • Hypnose workshop. Elles Ottens, certified hypnotherapist takes you on an inner journey.
  • Poetry Night. Gershwin Bonevacia, former city-poet of Amsterdam, gives upcoming talent a stage through spoken word, poetry and story-telling.
  • Twenty Fifty. Simone van der Graaf and her team of Gen-Z thinkers discuss current societal issues in an optimistic way.
  • Ted-X Impact program. Een selectie of TEDx pioneers pitch at A’DAM&Co. to claim their space on the TEDx main-event.
  • Zwarte Liefde. Een musical ode to vinyl, also known as the black gold, and the rich culture of hiphop.
  • Aperitivo 18. Onze weekly Friday afternoon get-together, a table full of food, the right music and your first drink on us.
  • Expositions. Every two months we exhibit art by diverse talent that fill our walls with beautiful and inspiring work.

Do you have a creative idea you want to bring to life? Our door is always open.

Where will we see you?


National partners

Also within our national borders, we have a variety of partnerships. Below you can find an overview of them. For more information about our partnerships please contact us.

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Music & creativity resonate through the club like a bassline. With social events & an ever-changing and awe-inspiring event calendar, A’DAM&Co. engages & stimulates on a weekly basis. Join our creative community to become a part of the epicentre for the Amsterdam creative mind.