1. What are the requirements to become a A'DAM&Co. member?

Everyone is welcome at A’DAM&Co. regardless of your age, skin color, origin or sexual preference. As long as you work in the creative industry or make fantastic things next to your non-creative job, A’DAM&Co. is the place in Amsterdam to meet other creatives.

2. How do I sign up for a membership?

Ready to become a member? We welcome everyone, as long as you work in the creative industry or are demonstrably creative in/besides your non-creative job. After you have completed the registration form, you will be informed within a few days whether you have access to the members club. You then pay a community contribution of 120 euros per year with a one-time registration fee of 18 euros. You can register using the form above.

3. What are the costs for a membership?

€120 community contribution per year and a one-off €18 registration fee.

4. What do I get when I become a member?

You become part of our creative community, gain access to all our events and every day you can enjoy the enchanting view over the IJ, the impressive architecture of Amsterdam Central Station and – weather permitting – the dune edge at Bloemendaal. Further perks of the membership:

  • Access to our club on the 18th floor of the A’DAM Tower (the view is included in the price)
  • Easily get in touch with other creatives (business!)
  • Access to our worldwide network of associated clubs
  • Always welcome at our exclusive annual A’DAM&Co. parties
  • Possibility to organize events yourself at A’DAM&Co. or give private parties at the coolest location in Amsterdam
  • 20% discount on the rental of De Loft and all other meeting rooms
  • Your name on the Shelter guest list in the basement of the A’DAM Tower (check the A’DAM App for said parties & availability)
  • A welcome drink during every dinner at the restaurants Madam and Moon
  • 25% discount on a VR Experience at the A’DAM VR Game Park

5. Can I exercise in the A’DAM Toren with a membership?

We do not offer a sports facility but we do, however, program unique sports activities. Think sunrise yoga on the roof. And we consider drinking and dancing like a champ as sports also. The program can be found in the A’DAM App.

6. How do I get in contact with other A'DAM&Co. members?

You can reach all members through the A’DAM App.

7. I have a problem, who should I report this to?

You can always send an email to

8. How can I cancel my membership?

We are sorry to see you go! You can unsubscribe by sending an email to

8. I cannot create an account on the A’DAM App.

That’s right. You’ll automatically receive an email with login details after you become a member of A’DAM&Co. Didn’t receive the email, even though you are a member? Please send us an email on

9. I have a problem, who should I report it to?

You can always email 

10. How can I unsubscribe as a member?

We’re sad to see you leave! You can unsubscribe via

11. Can I contact the A'DAM&Co. team?

Of course!

Rosalie Visser, membership & marketing –

Zep Franssen, event manager –


Access to A'DAM&Co.

1. What is the address of the A’DAM Toren?

Overhoeksplein 1, 1031 KS, Amsterdam

2. How can I reach A'DAM&Co.?

You can reach the A’DAM Toren by train (Amsterdam Central Station), metro (Amsterdam Central Station), ferry (Veer Buiksloterweg) and bicycle. You could also swim. Or parachute in.

Once in the A’DAM Toren, show your A’DAM App profile at the counter, where there will be an elevator to A’DAM&Co. ready for you.

3. Can I park at the A’DAM Toren?

Yes, there is a one of a kind parking garage under the A’DAM Toren. Costs are €5.05 per hour. You can make a reservation here.

3. How else can I get to the A’DAM Tower?

By train (Central Station), metro (Central Station), ferry (Veer Buiksloterweg) and bicycle. You could also swim. Or parachute in.

4. My pass no longer works

That’s right! From 1 November 2020, passes are no longer available and you can access A’DAM&Co. only through the A’DAM App.

5. I cannot create an account on the A'DAM App

That’s right. You will automatically receive an e-mail with login details after you have become a member of A’DAM&Co. Did you not receive the email, even though you are a member? Send us an email at

In and around A'DAM&Co.

1. How can I pay within A'DAM&Co.?

You can only pay with a debit card within the A’DAM Toren.

2. How can I make a reservation for lunch or dinner at A'DAM&Co.?

Reservations can be made via the A’DAM App. Do you want to book with more than 2 people? Send an email to

3. How can I reserve the big table?

By dropping us a line. This can be done by emailing

4. A'DAM&Co. always plays the best tunes. Where can I find it on Spotify?

Our Spotify lists are curated by Philip Oomen of Massive Music.

Evening at A’DAM&Co. / Afternoon at A’DAM&Co. / Weekend at A’DAM&Co.

5. Can I bring guests to A'DAM&Co.?

You can make a reservation for your guests via the app under the heading reservation. You can bring a maximum of 1 guest. Do you want to bring more guests? Send an email to

6. Can I take photos within A'DAM&Co.?

Take photos or videos in A’DAM&Co. for personal use (using a telephone or similar device) is permitted. Commercial photos or videos require accreditation. Please contact

7. What is the dress and code of conduct of A'DAM&Co.?

The club fosters a non-corporate atmosphere & to preserve this relaxed environment, members should refrain from wearing overtly corporate attire (such as ill-fitting suits & ties) & talking jargon whilst shifting paradigms. Also, to protect the relaxed atmosphere members are to be mindful & courteous of others when taking calls. No violent, abusive or grumpy behavior is tolerated, so remember to take your chill pill.

8. What are the club rules of A'DAM&Co.?

All A’DAM&Co. rules can be found here. And in this case, these rules weren’t made to be broken!


1. Where can I find the monthly program?

The program can be found on the website. As a A’DAM&Co. member you will also receive the program through the newsletter and the A’DAM App. You can only register in the A’DAM App.

2. How can I register for the program?

You can only register as a A’DAM&Co. active member via the A’DAM App.

3. As a member, can I also contribute to the program?

You are more than welcome to! For any questions, comments, or ideas about the program, you can contact our event manager Zep Fransen via

4. Can I bring a guest to an event?

Usually yes, this is subject to availability! Check the App to see if you can bring a guest for a specific event. You must always register your friend through the A’DAM App! Do you want to bring a larger group? Send an email to We will check if there is availability.

5. Can I throw a party for my own friends?

Hell yes! Birthdays, baby showers, bachelor parties, craft parties and tupperware parties, everything is possible and allowed. One of the perks of the A’DAM&Co. membership is that you do not have to pay a location rent for the 18th floor if you are hosting a party. Unfortunately you can’t throw exclusive parties during the week — members are always welcome. You can throw exclusive parties at the weekend. Send an email to

A’DAM Toren

1. How do I make a reservation ta Moon?

Moon is the name of the revolving rooftop restaurant located on the 19th Floor of the A’DAM Toren. It rotates once every hour, providing a truly unique dining experience with a fantastic 360˚ panorama of Amsterdam.

You can book here. Indicate your member ID (you can find this in the A’DAM App) in your reservation, so that you will be welcomed with a lovely drink.

2. How do I make a reservation with Madam?

Madam is the panorama bar and restaurant located on the 20th Floor of the A’DAM Toren. During the day, this swanky setting is part of the LOOKOUT experience. But as soon as the sun goes down, the music goes up – and Madam transforms into Amsterdam’s highest nightclub, and a haven for nocturnal delights.

You can book a table here.

Meeting rooms

1. Which meeting rooms are there?

The Loft, The Sunset Room, The West Room, The Corner Room & The Press Room. As a member you receive a 20% discount on the rent of all our spaces. You can request a quote through the A’DAM App.

2. Can I rent the Loft for my own events?

Sure you can! As a member you receive a 20% discount on the rent of the Loft. You can request a quote through the A’DAM App.

3. How can I book a meeting room?

You can request a quote through the A’DAM App.

4. What are the costs?

This depends on the meeting room. As a member you receive a 20% discount on the rent of all our spaces. You can request a quote through the A’DAM App.


1. Can I work at A'DAM&Co. to work?

You can certainly open your laptop every now and then at A’DAM&Co., but it’s not a co-working space. In A’DAM&Co. meet your people, not your laptop. So, type an email in between and make a business call if necessary, but don’t forget to eat, drink and interact with the people around you!

If you want to work for a longer period of time, a desk at A’DAM& might be something for you. Contact for a tour.

2. Can I have my meetings at A'DAM&Co.?

If you want to have a work meeting with more than 2 people, you can reserve the large table. Reserve a spot via

You can also rent one of the meeting rooms in the A’DAM Toren. As a member you get a 20% discount on the rent of all meeting rooms. You can apply via the A’DAM App.

As a member of A’DAM& you can also rent meetingrooms.

3. Where and how can I work in the A'DAM Toren?

Whether you are a freelancer or need an office for 12 people, at A’DAM& you will always find the workplace that suits you. The co-working spaces are spread over several floors where you can move freely.

4. How much does a membership at A'DAM& cost?

Without a membership, a flex work day costs €35. A membership is much cheaper. A’DAM& offers the following 4 subscriptions:

  • Flex desk: €250 per month
  • Dedicated desk: €400 per month
  • Private office: contact
  • More information about A’DAM& and all subscription types can be found here

Each floor is equipped with quiet areas, phone booths, meeting rooms, hangouts & pantries with unlimited coffee, tea & fruit. There is also a 24/7 reception with IT support & a canteen where you can enjoy a fresh soup, sandwich or hot meal (for a fee).