1. Membership A’DAM App

All members are to have their A’DAM App in possession at all times. Any member who allows their app to be used by a non-member (or a psychopathic killer) shall be banned from the club. We will catch you & then take you to the secret basement where you shall not be found.

2. Code of conduct

The club fosters a non-corporate atmosphere & to preserve this relaxed environment, members should refrain from wearing overtly corporate attire (such as ill-fitting suits & ties) & talking jargon whilst shifting paradigms. Also, to protect the relaxed atmosphere, members are to be mindful & courteous of others when taking calls. No violent, abusive or grumpy behavior is tolerated, so remember to take your chill pill.

3. Confidentiality

Management & personnel adhere to the strictest confidentiality standards & pledge that all personal information concerning the members is kept in the strictest confidence.

4. Smoking policy

Smoking is not permitted inside the club at any time. However, members & their guests can, of course, destroy their lungs on the spectacular terrace outside.

5. Photos & videos

Taking photos or videos in A’DAM&Co. for personal use (using a phone or similar device) is permitted. However, for photos or videos with commercial purposes, accreditation is required.

6. Cloakroom

A’DAM&Co. does not accept any liability for loss or damage to items left in the cloakroom.

7. Throwing object off terrace

A’DAM&Co. operates a zero-tolerance policy for the throwing of objects over or off the rooftop terrace. Members, or their guests, who violate this rule will face suspension or immediate termination of membership. In fact, police will be called & offenders may be charged with a criminal offense.

8. Bill payment

The club (& the rest of the building) only accepts payments by card. All bills have to be paid prior to leaving the club. Any unpaid bills will be sent over to you with an added administration fee of €7,50. Note: members are fully responsible for their guest’s bill if they are not paid. But you would be best to keep that information close to the chest.

9. Children

The club is designed for big & small children. So, please use common sense & be considerate of other members when you bring your mini-me.

10. Pets

While some members can behave like animals, we do not allow the furry pet versions. Exceptions are made for service dogs.

11. Food & drinks

The club is not a student frat party. You are not allowed to BYOB (bring your own booze) or food for consumption inside. Also, please behave yourself & drink responsibly – if you don’t, we’ll have to send you home. Needless to say, no drugs are allowed on the premises.

12. Spiral staircase

It is not allowed to use the spiral staircase without permission of the A’DAM&Co. staff. The floor downstairs is not part of our creative club. If you want to go downstairs, use the elevator.

13. Disciplinary procedure

Conduct that is prejudicial to the reputation & character of A’DAM&Co. may result in suspension or expulsion. Such conduct may include violent or abusive behavior, the communication of information concerning the club affairs or members or their guests in the club to the media. An expelled member may not return to the Club as a guest. A refund of the expelled member’s subscription will be at the discretion of A’DAM&Co. Any member or members who willfully remove, damage or destroy any property belonging to the club or to members or to guests on the premises will be liable to expulsion. Every member binds him/herself to abide by the rules, by-laws & regulations of A’DAM&Co. upon acceptance as a member. If the Proprietor considers that any member’s (or his or her guests’) conduct either inside or outside of the Club premises is, at his absolute discretion, contrary to the interests of the Club or the Proprietor, the Proprietor may expel the member from the Club premises &/or suspend or terminate that member’s membership.

14. Calls

The club is meant to connect members and offer a relaxed atmosphere, so please be mindful and courteous of others when taking calls. Furthermore, we overtly discourage Zoom (and other video conferencing) calls and ask you to not take them in the club.

15. Working

A’DAM&Co. is the place where you enjoy music, drinks & each other’s company. Not the place to work. Laptops are, for this reason, only allowed for a short period of time. Are you looking for a place to work? Please head over to A’DAM&Co.work, where you can rent your own desk, a meeting room or an entire office!

16. COVID-19

Our inclusive creative community club is a safe space where members can enjoy each other’s (or their own) company in a safe way. This is why we urge all our members to adhere to the basic rules surrounding COVID-19 set out by the Dutch government, such as hygiene rules & keeping social distance. You can find the Dutch COVID-19 safety measures on the Rijksoverheid website.

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