Kay Slice blends soulful hiphop – inspired by artists like Anderson Paak and The Roots – with afro beat inspired by artists like Ebo Taylor and Fela Kuti. His music is the result of a quest for his identity, through his mother and father’s country, Ghana. His music speaks of self-love, identity and everything that crosses the quest of finding yourself. And now Kay Slice brings you his latest release: Uprise


The Uprise EP of Kay Slice

Uprise is a reflection of the weather, made in uncertain times yet a eulogy to the sun. Every note & slice breathes 100% liveliness.

Uprise is about rising up despite greed, loss and the uphill battle as an independent artist.

It’s about the mission to uplift your direct surrounds and an homage to our resilience and the people that came

before us.

Uprise represents a new era of Kay Slice, if From back to back is the (re)search, Uprise is the surge. The

sonic proof of a new balance. A ‘roots embracing’ sound and an addictive groove with multiple pockets.

The EP is a rich hybrid of genres, from sounds of the motherland to the afro diaspora and from ancient balafon sounds to Afro futuristic synths.

Let’s get Down to the Uprise!

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