Hypnose Workshop

Hypnose Workshop

Join us in a loving embrace of Rapid Transformational Therapy, breaking free from perfectionism’s grip.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a powerful fusion, weaving principles from NLP, regression, and hypnosis. In this session, you’re invited to rewrite your subconscious beliefs. Guided by Elles through visualizations and meditative practices, enter the serene theta state—a haven where you untangle and rewrite outdated beliefs, allowing for a profound transformation.

What to expect: A deeper understanding of what drives you on a subconscious level to strive for perfection. Learn how to practice self-hypnosis from the comfort of your home Time for reflection / journaling Sharing circle (optional)

Waiver: Rapid Transformational Therapy® is not a replacement for traditional therapy or treatment provided by a psychologist or psychiatrist. If you are suffering from severe trauma or PTSD, are epileptic, or suffer from a psychotic illness, including multiple personality disorder or bipolar disorder, it is not recommended that you undergo Rapid Transformational Therapy.

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