Might Delete Later ESNS Pre-Party

Might Delete Later ESNS Pre-Party

19:00 – 23:00

Might Delete Later ESNS Pre-party / with 2 special guests

“Leave a voicemail and I might make a song out of it”.

You might have seen these yellow flyers on the 18th floor as well as in several cities with a phone number underneath. Might Delete Later is a Dutch/Latvian artist with a particular concept, creating music from voicemails. Since the launch of the project in an Amsterdam art gallery, appearances on the Dutch media and receiving more than 300 voicemails during ADE alone, Might Delete Later gained rapid traction both online and offline. She’s blending her Lana Del Rey-esque vocals with produced dance tracks akin to Elderbrook, Fred Again and she’s promising to play some actual voicemails during her show.

Embracing the honor of gracing the stage at the ESNS festival in Groningen the next day, Might Delete Later extends an invitation to join her in an eve filled with electronic music featuring two surprise acts carefully curated by the artist herself.

First act: Divine

Kicking off the electrifying lineup is the sensational Divine. Known for her magnetic stage presence, this beloved vocal DJ and powerhouse vocal MC, Stephanie aka Divine, captivates with her infectious energy. With her big afro, mesmerizing smile, enthusiasm and craziness, you can’t miss Stephanie aka Divine.

Second act: This one will blow your mind: TBA

Third act: Might Delete Later

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